Bamboo Species Guide
Bamboo Species Guide

Bamboo Species Guide

Directory of ornamental and commercial bamboo species by Fred Hornaday

The Bamboo Species Guide is an eBook (PDF) available as an instant download.

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  • Written by Fred Hornaday, creator of
  • Introductory price only $9.95.
  • 40 fact-filled pages.
  • More than 100 most popular species.
  • High-quality, full-color photos.
  • Know your runners from your clumpers.
  • Know if they’re compatible with your climate.
  • Make plant selection easier.
  • Detailed info about size, appearance, conditions.
  • Includes several quick lists to identify the best bamboo species for particular climates and conditions (eg. cold-hardy, drought-tolerant, for hedges, in pots, etc.)